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Humanity's Team Germany has 2 regional coordinators; some of the teammates are running their own HT study group or emotional support group.

In total we have more than 20 HT study groups or emotional support groups. Besides this, we have formed several “local” teams which are not acting on a local area, but who join HT-team-mates around a certain issue. We call those teams working teams or action teams. Among those you can find:

• web team
• team for networking with other organisations
• organisation team
• and some other teams about organisational issues

We have regular telephone conferences for the whole German team. They take place once a month. And then there are phone conferences of those working teams and the local teams whenever it is necessary to talk about an issue or a project.

And this is going on within the local teams:

• Regular meetings within the regional areas take place, some of them have a
   more organizational character, and other meetings are held like a study
   group or emotional support group.
• At New Year’s Eve a Humanity’s Team party was held with some 25 people
   in Stuttgart.
• Also at New Year’s Eve and the day after a New Spirituality workshop took
   place in Berlin.

With love and light

Claudia Christine Pieper


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